Specialty Services

Global Expertise,
Local Solutions: Our Holistic
Financial and Business Solution

With a rich history of collaboration on an international scale, our adeptness in working with diverse and multidisciplinary teams positions us as an invaluable partner for local professional groups. 

Our global experience has endowed us with a nuanced understanding of various business landscapes, cultural intricacies, and industry-specific challenges. This extensive knowledge base enhances our ability to integrate into different environments seamlessly and allows us to bring a global perspective to our local collaborations. As a result, we stand as a bridge, connecting the expertise and resources of our global network with the unique needs of smaller firms on a local level.

Our Services:

Business Valuation

We specialize in determining the fair market value (FMV) of assets, catering to privately owned businesses, minority/majority shareholders' interests, and intangible assets (trademarks, patents, software, customer base, license agreements). Adhering to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and Canadian Institute of Certified Business Valuators (CICBV) standards, our team provides valuation services for various purposes such as:

Mergers, Acquisitions & Restructuring

Specializing in supporting stockholders in divestiture processes, we offer valuation services, coordinate selling/acquisition processes, negotiate with third parties, and manage the closing process. Our expertise covers various divestiture types, including specific assets or complete equity interest.

Breach Testing

Ensure your information's safety against cyber-attacks with our breach testing services. Our ethical hackers identify and rectify vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure, preventing surprises and fortifying your network and computers against potential threats.

Information Technology

Achieve the right balance between process control, risk management, and business development. Our specialists help implement efficient processes and secure controls, ensuring compliance, minimizing risks, and maintaining focus on business goals despite complexities.

Disaster Recovery Plan

Prepare for data loss, cyber-attacks, or infrastructure failures with our tested disaster recovery plans. Identify risks, train your team, and proactively address potential economic damage. Even cloud-stored information needs backup. Be proactive, make a plan, and enjoy peace of mind.

Management Consulting

Identify business needs, analyze variables, and implement recommendations to enhance profitability. We provide a complete package, guiding you through KPIs and offering metrics to improve results.

Corporate Financing

Maximize the value of your company with our corporate finance team. Whether selling or seeking capital, our professionals, with extensive transaction experience and connections to major corporations and private equity firms, can meet your needs.

CFO Services

Trust us for comprehensive accounting support, whether you're starting or growing your business. We assist in strategic planning, financial and tax strategy development, risk mitigation, cash balance monitoring, and financing arrangements, helping you focus on operations and business goals.