Strategic Tax Planning:
Global Challenges, Maximum Returns

The demands and expectations of the global and domestic markets are constantly bringing challenges. Taxes represent a significant expense for each business. Effective tax planning, tailored to your needs, will minimize your taxes and maintain your competitive advantage.

The Life Cycle Scan

Our approach to tax planning at Fernandez Young extends beyond interpreting tax legislation. We provide a Life Cycle Scan of your business as a road map towards meeting your goals and objectives. At each stage of your business life cycle, we sit down with you to map out a comprehensive tax-efficient strategy to meet your immediate, mid-term and future objectives.

Our Services:

Wealth Enhancement Strategies

Implementing comprehensive financial plans and investment approaches to optimize and grow individual or corporate wealth over time, considering risk tolerance, market trends, and long-term financial goals.

Corporate Tax Consulting

Providing expert guidance on navigating complex corporate tax regulations, optimizing tax positions, and ensuring compliance with relevant laws, ultimately helping businesses manage their tax obligations more effectively.

Transfer Pricing Strategies

Developing and implementing pricing strategies for intra-company transactions to ensure compliance with transfer pricing regulations, mitigate risks of tax audits, and optimize overall tax efficiency for multinational corporations.

Non-Residents Tax Compliance

Advising individuals or businesses with international interests on their tax obligations in a specific jurisdiction, ensuring compliance with local tax laws and regulations for non-resident entities.

Business Reorganizations

Providing strategic advice on restructuring businesses to optimize operational efficiency, financial performance, and tax implications, whether through mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, or other forms of reorganization.

Tax Minimization for Owner-Managers

Developing and implementing tax-efficient strategies specifically tailored for business owners and managers to minimize their tax liabilities, taking advantage of available deductions, credits, and legal structures.

International Tax Services

Offering specialized assistance to businesses operating globally, addressing cross-border tax challenges, managing international tax compliance, and maximizing opportunities for tax optimization in different jurisdictions.

Business Succession Planning

Assisting businesses in planning for a smooth transition of ownership, whether within the family or to key employees, while considering tax implications, legal structures, and the long-term sustainability of the enterprise.

Estate Tax Planning

Helping individuals plan for the efficient transfer of wealth to heirs or beneficiaries, considering estate tax implications, leveraging exemptions, and employing strategies to minimize the tax impact on the estate.

Annual tax compliance services

Preparation of annual personal tax returns (T1, S216, S217), foreign reporting information returns, GST/HST returns and other CRA forms.