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Renan Cabrera is a co-founder and the Business Development Partner of Fernandez Young LLP, as well as, a co-founder and the Chief Business Development Officer for FY International. He has 35 years of experience in risk management, evaluating financial transactions, managing projects requiring capital investment, and refinancing of regional and international operations. His ability to evaluate, measure, and assess operations and financial projects has allowed him to establish a reputation as a leader in his field.
Currently, Mr. Cabrera supports a varied range of projects in the Americas that are financed by investors worldwide. He is well recognized by international banks and investors. He also maintains relations with government officials and private company/organization representatives, particularly in Latin America. His relations with global investors and financial institutions have allowed him to participate in attractive operations that require large amounts of capital.

Mr. Cabrera’s expertise in corporate finances, capital markets and the capitalization of projects, and his dedicated attention to his extensive global network provides high quality business opportunities for the FY organization. His creativity and ability to identify financial solutions and develop sustainable business models make important financial operations possible that would not have materialized otherwise. He also serves as a volunteer and advisor to various nonprofit societies.


• Business Consulting & Development
• Corporate Finance
• Due Diligence
• Strategic Planning
• Contract Negotiations
• Risk Control
• Insurance
• Investor Relations


• Corporate Finance
• Capital Markets
• Capitalization of Projects
• Capital Management
• Global Networking
• Business Consulting
• Corporate Restructuring


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