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While some firms focus on the preparation of federal taxes and financial reports, Fernandez Young offers a variety of complex advisory services. We acknowledge that the new and more stringent regulatory regimes around the globe are shifting the market demands and are stressing the need for more creative solutions. Our consulting team not only acts as your advisors but also submerses themselves in the workings of your own team. Alternatively, we can be your Advisory Board to support and foster your vision and generate solutions to internal and external hiccups that may interfere with your ability to compete and grow your business.

Leadership & Quality Advisory Service

A distinguishing characteristic of Fernandez Young is that we take the initiative to identify new business opportunities, assist clients in their globalization efforts, and take actions to prevent problems before they occur. In general, we look to constantly develop creative solutions to reach an organization’s objectives and goals. Our efforts go above and beyond our client’s expectations, by also seeking out opportunities to distinguish our client’s organization from the rest.

Fernandez Young have a broad understanding of the global economy and how to overcome cultural differences that may arise. Our proven abilities to understand multi-jurisdictional issues have allowed us to be leaders in this area.


We assist our clients in creating Business Plans to starting up a new business, a new project, get licenses, or to plan the next step and grow.

Through one-on-one meetings, we understand our clients need and develop a Business Plan to match their goals. We can assist your business with Strategic Planning, Marketing Planning, Industry Research, Financial Analysis and Projections, and other topics, to tailor a unique Business Plan that suits your needs. 


Measuring business performance? Need to get insight from your data? Use your data for better decisions with our Business Intelligence service, gain an edge by defining your business performance based on your data, integrating your disparate systems. This can help you to improve operations and performance and enhance decision making. Reports, visualization, dashboards, machine learning and artificial intelligence.


It is quite common that family-owned businesses are managed by a single or by a few key family members, who have driven the company through different development phases. When the time comes for a new generation or team to take over the leadership role, a detailed succession plan needs to be established and implemented. We assist business owners and stockholders on drafting the appropriate family protocols, updating shareholders´ agreements, estimating shares fair market value, tax implications assessment, and a wide range of related services to support the transfer of control in the smoothest possible manner, with least possible business interruption.

Entrepreneurial Support

Getting outside support can be a challenge, but having an esteemed relationship, built on trust and reliability of expertise, with your Advisor(s) is known to create superior returns. Fernandez Young relates with your management team’s concerns. We can help you with training, minimizing risk, championing projects and initiatives to ensure successful results.


CEOs and CFOs of Canadian public companies, excluding venture issuers, are required to certify on the design and the effectiveness of their company’s disclosure controls and procedures (DC&P), and their internal controls over financial reporting (ICFR). Fernadez Young can work with your management team, board, and audit committee, and address ongoing issues occurring within your team and internal controls; and, together, we can assist your organization in defining proper internal controls that comply with public guidelines, and, when implemented, reduce your annual audit fees.

Family Business Advisory

Our team of experienced business professionals are here to provide your Family Business with the decision-making support and guidance it needs. We provide advisory services to Family Businesses and their Boards in the areas of strategic planning, business succession, governance, board organization, and corporate structuring. At Fernadez Young, we recognize that the needs of each client are unique and that our clients depend on us for relevant, accurate, and timely financial information. We take time to understand your needs and those of your family, so that you are assured the best financial advice possible. We work closely with lawyers, insurance brokers, financial advisors, and business professionals. We also collaborate, whenever possible, with your controller, bookkeeper, and other office personnel.

Companies Internationalization

We aim to assist our clients in expanding their operations in the international markets. We do this starting at the planning stage, continuing with the structuring of their business, identifying local human resources, and setting up their operations in the desired markets. Our global reach is possible through FY International, our accounting and legal network of firms, and this added to our international experience allows our clients in navigating the international waters and reducing the stress of penetrating unknown markets, languages, and cultures. 


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