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Our compliance services include key staples such as the compilation of Financial Statements and issuance of Notice to Reader letters. These compilation engagements are designed to gather unaudited information and place them into financial statements, schedules, or reports via the information provided by our clients. These reports allow you to manage your business more effectively, and they are the basis for developing budgets and making strategic decisions. In addition, they are the basis for the preparation and filing of your company’s Corporate Taxes. Keep in mind that Notice to Readers hold limited involvement of accountants working on your files.

We always customize our services to the needs of the client. Also, by making efficient use of our resources and integrating all compliance issues into a single service, we have been successful in providing a cost-effective service, both locally and across international borders.

Private Companies

You are building a private business and it is growing, or maybe it’s facing change brought about by new market challenges. You need to make critical business decisions fast. You’re looking for talented professional advisors who are committed to understanding and serving your business needs. Fernandez Young professionals understand and we’re here to help. For example, we can assist you with the preparation of monthly reports, which assists you with your management decision-making process and frees up your time to concentrate on the core competency of your business, enabling you to achieve greater success.

Our goal is to help Canadian business owners and young entrepreneurs reach their growth objectives by building value where it counts in their business. Avoid the hassle, confusion, and error when trying to do it all. We can assist you on a day to day basis. Gain comfort in knowing that we understand both your long-term and short-term wants and needs. Gain efficiency by relying on us to respond to your financial, business, and operational issues. Don't delay, speak to an Advisor today!

Not-For-Profit Organizations

We work with organizations in every segment of the not-for-profit sector and provide our clients with one-on-one personalized service. We also offer Audit, Tax, and Advisory services (including fraud investigation) for the not-for-profit organization (NPO) sector. Fernandez Young keeps abreast of the latest requirements in taxation, auditing and bookkeeping tools. Partnering with us can save your NPO money and aggravation from trying to keep up with current market conditions, which cause NPOs to face unprecedented challenges that make it more difficult to grow operations and service levels, or even sustain them.

NPOs, including Associations, Charitable Organizations, Foundations, have distinctive areas of concern to address. These include:

- Fundraising and sustaining revenue
- Financing
- Budgeting
- Growth of revenue sources (diversification)
- Capital expansion
- Determination of endowment fund policies
- Fund balancing