Trustworthy Financial
Solutions for a Dynamic World

In today’s fast-paced world, where economic and investment trends change rapidly, financial and capital markets have become increasingly unpredictable. Whether you are running a public corporation, a private company, or a not-for-profit organization, it is imperative to have access to accurate and dependable financial information that can satisfy the needs of both internal and external stakeholders.

At Fernandez Young, we pride ourselves on building lasting relationships with our clients and partners based on trust, transparency, and professionalism. We understand the importance of providing reliable financial information that can help our clients make informed decisions, navigate complex financial challenges, and achieve their strategic objectives. 

Not-For-Profit Organizations

Fernandez Young provides personalized one-on-one services for organizations across the not-for-profit sector, including Audit, Tax, and Advisory services, such as fraud investigation. We stay abreast of the latest requirements in taxation, auditing, and bookkeeping tools, offering a valuable partnership that can save your organization money and alleviate the challenges of keeping up with dynamic market conditions.

Our Services:

Audit and Financial Reporting

We offer streamlined international audit methodologies overseen by our audit team supported by our global infrastructure that facilitates collaborative work with firms worldwide. Our senior professionals are regularly on-site to build a strong relationship with your team and identify emerging issues. Additionally, we leverage valuable industry experience to address sector-specific audit issues for your organization.

Our advanced technology, industry expertise, and robust methodology ensure professional integrity, independence, and ethical conduct. We deliver an independent and insightful audit opinion, guaranteeing the accuracy of your financial statements.

Fernandez Young professionals adhere to top integrity, objectivity, independence, and technical excellence standards. With a meticulous process and the right expertise, backed by our unique audit approach, we deliver answers that withstand scrutiny.

Review of Financial Statements

Financial institutions may require clients seeking loans to undergo a review engagement, a less stringent assessment than an audit, ensuring the reliability of their financial information. While audits aim to confirm the absence of material misstatements, reviews focus on assessing the credibility and plausibility of financial statements.

Reviews provide limited assurance that financial statements adhere to accounting standards (IFRS, ASPE, or ASNPO) through negative assurance. Unlike audits offering positive assurance, reviews assure that no red flags indicating non-compliance have been identified.

Our process involves financial inquiry, analytical procedures, and discussions with client management. This thorough approach culminates in a comprehensive review report, validating the content of the client's financial statements.

Forensic Accounting and Litigation Support

Fernandez Young’s forensic and dispute professionals identify and deal with a wide range of business disputes and irregularities and deliver clear, logical analyses, opinions, and reports. We apply a variety of quantitative and qualitative techniques to isolate and analyze alleged damages resulting from business interruption, breach of contract, negligence, breach of duty, and similar circumstances. We quantify real or potential losses, minimize fraud, and promptly resolve commercial disputes and financial litigation.