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Do you feel like its about time to start slowing down and enjoying the fruits of your long-time hard labours? Not that fast. It is in your best interest to get some help from an expert and establish a timeline to the big day. Join us to learn more.

FY International looks forward to hosting the 2019 FY Annual Summit from October 5 – 12, 2019 on an Eastern Caribbean Cruise: Symphony Of The Seas. This year the FY Family will take advantage not only from the learning experience as well for the adventure into Royal Caribbean Cruise and surroundings. More about FY Summit The FY Summit […]

It’s the time of the year again where we start preparing for the FY Annual Summit, which will be held in Spain, Madrid from September 25th to 28th, 2018 at Wellington Hotel, located in the elegant Salamanca district. This year’s host will be our Member Office in Spain, Arango Asesores, who is already planning an exciting agenda filled with interesting presentations, seminars, and […]

2018 has already started and the first FY event of the year is the Regional Conference, which will be held in the charming Panama City from February 20 to 23 at the Central Hotel Panama. Our host, Guianalisis office with the FY Head Office have prepared an exciting agenda with interesting presentations, seminars, sightseeing and various other activities […]

Each year FY International hosts its Summit, where the 28 FY boutique auditing, legal and consulting firms in Americas, Asia, and Europe get together to enhance our international roots, external connections, and resources to provide better services to our clients around the world. This year the FY Annual Summit will take place in the outstanding city of Miami, Florida […]

The 2017 FY Regional Conference will be held in Santiago, Chile at Diego de Velazquez’s hotel from March 1 to 3 by our Chilean member office, FY Consultores. Our host office has planned an exciting agenda, which include a forum in partnership with the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce of Chile about the “Implementation of […]

Each year FY International hosts its Summit where all of the unique member firms get together to enhance our international roots and qualifications to better our resources for our clients. The results are simply fantastic. With the Head Office being based in Vancouver, the consortium of the 27 boutique auditing, legal and consulting firms in the American, […]