FY International looks forward to hosting the 2019 FY Annual Summit from October 5 – 12, 2019 on an Eastern Caribbean Cruise: Symphony Of The Seas. This year the FY Family will take advantage not only from the learning experience as well for the adventure into Royal Caribbean Cruise and surroundings.

More about FY Summit

The FY Summit has the purpose to enhance our international roots and qualifications to better our resources for our clients. The results are simply fantastic. With the Head Office being based in Vancouver, the consortium of the 31-boutique auditing, legal and consulting firms in the American, Asia and Europe regions all come together in one setting for the ultimate FY International experience. This advantageous moment allows for limitless business possibilities to form with such a vast and interconnected organization.
At FY International, we look forward to meeting like-minded professionals who strive to attain the same level of success, professionalism, and knowledge in our respective fields.