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supporting the mining industry at home and abroad

Mining companies must pay critical attention towards major issues and developments that arise within this industry. For instance, raising capital, prolonged development times, permit acquisitions, complying with environmental and governmental policies, geographical complications, ensuring workforce safety, and political instability all impede, or worse, discontinues the progress of many mining projects. With the mining industry constantly experiencing unprecedented challenges that stress even the most established organizations, it is necessary that you have a good team to advise and support you with all the high risk components of this industry. Whether a junior, mid-tier or senior mining company, ensuring you accurately and effectively consider the dynamic concerns of this industry is vital for continued growth.

Fernandez Young has the expertise to coach you through all the sensitive and complex issues of this industry because we have the knowledge, resources, and years of experience to support you during every stage of your mining project. As a member firm of FY International, Fernandez Young can support your company’s growth and introduce you to a wider selection of innovative solutions.

We are committed to supporting the history and the traditions of Canadian mining companies venturing around the globe. Our dedication to the mining industry is seen by our initiatives to promote and support mining associations such as AMEC BC, MABC, TSX, and the PDAC.

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