Our Story


Navigating Time and Transformation

Fernandez Young traces its roots back to 1988 when founding partners Jim Fernandez and Renan Cabrera collaborated with associates to establish Fernandez and Associates Inc., a boutique firm. In 1993, the firm underwent a transformative evolution, rebranding as Fernandez Young LLP upon including Julio Young, a strategic move to enhance the spectrum of services offered. This merger, bringing together the expertise of Fernandez, Cabrera, and Young, formed an unparalleled synergy of talent, professional insight, and international experience, aligning seamlessly with the diverse needs of our clientele.

Following the retirements of Young and Cabrera in recent years, Fernandez Young embraced a new chapter by welcoming accomplished  CPA’s William Van der Meer and Eugene Shalamov as new Partners of the firm. Leveraging Fernandez’s expertise, this transition ensured a continuation of the firm’s commitment to providing an ideal blend of skills, talent, and global experience tailored to meet the expansive requirements of our clients.

As a proudly Canadian-founded entity, our distinctiveness lies in our expansive global network and accumulated experience. Illustrative of our commitment to global collaboration, in 2001, we established FY International, a flagship company unifying accounting, consulting, and legal firms worldwide. Our FY global offices span the Americas, Europe, and Asia, forming a collective of multidisciplinary professionals’ adept at navigating the complex challenges of the contemporary global economy. This powerful union not only enhances our ability to provide comprehensive service but also leverages a seamless blend of local expertise and global resources, ensuring unparalleled solutions tailored to meet our clients’ dynamic and diverse needs.